Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett: Boston Celtics’ Ticket to Success

With Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett set to play together for Boston Celtics, things are looking optimistic for the most decorated team in NBA. But personally, I’m not really excited about the combination. Individually speaking, all three of them are really good and talented players, but the question is about the team chemistry. Garnett used to be the main man of Minnesota Timberwolves and Allen was the go-to-guy of Seattle Supersonics and before these two players came to Boston, Pierce was the star of Celtics. If the team cannot connect as a cohesive unit, then the Celtics will have a very big problem in their hands. With three aging superstars in their roster, they need to win the championship fast, or else they will lose their remaining chances because age is clearly catching up with Pierce, Allen and Garnett.


Boston Celtics

Winning is the only option. -Kevin Garnett


 The Boston Celtics turned into contender overnight with the arrival of Garnett and Allen. Some people believe that Celtics will be the Eastern champs and ultimately the NBA champs, but some are doubtful about the team’s chemistry. As I’ve said, I’m not really thrilled to see these three big superstars in one team. Everytime I see them, I can’t stop comparing them to the stellar roster of the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers team. Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone and Shaquille O’neal were in that team but they were easily dismantled in the NBA finals by the underdog Detroit Pistons. If Celtics really want to bring the gold and glory back in Boston, they need to blend their new superstars quick and have the perfect chemistry that will make the three superstars co-exist in one ball club. Team chemistry and camaraderie are equally important as individual skills and talent.

As for now, all we can do is wait for the season and see how it goes for Boston Celtics.


Click here and watch the video of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce interview.

Click here and watch the Boston Celtics training in Italy.


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8 responses to “Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett: Boston Celtics’ Ticket to Success

  1. The problem will start when Garnett gets all the credit IF they win. Pierce will not be able to handle that for long.

    The first pre-season game is a perfect example of what is going to happen to this team. They are going to need the so called new big 3 play 40 plus minutes a game for the team to win. By the time the playoffs come around they will be dead. In reality they each played plus 30 minutes the first pre-season game but they barely beat the Raptors and I am sorry the bench players they have are not going to show up every game.

    I don’t see them winning a title. Dallas, San Antonio and Phoenix all have better teams overall.

  2. to FireDannyAinge: i don’t see them winning the title either. they need more than superstardom to get the crown. sure they will be in the playoffs, but they won’t reach the finals.

    and i agree with you, dallas, sa and phoenix are still the teams to beat this season.

    thanks for the comment.

  3. The Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton team you referred to wasn’t that it sounded like. That was just Shaq and Kobe. The teams they had in years before that with Fisher and company were much better, especially 6 years ago when they only lost 13 games all year but had a lot less “star power”

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  7. well so much for the un excited and doughtful of some people about the big three coz the big three now reach the finals and with the perfect chemistry and very impressive play’s they have shown in this season no doubt that they will win the championship crown…

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