Kobe Bryant and his “trade-me, trade-me-not” drama

Kobe Bryant

All of us are still wondering whether Kobe Bryant will be traded or not. There were rumors that Kobe won’t be coming to the  opening of the Los Angeles Lakers training camp this October, but he surprised everyone when he arrived at the camp although a bit late. Kobe grew frustrated with the Lakers front office because of the lack of direction regarding the future of the team. They had a chance to acquire all around point guard Jason Kidd last season but the management was unwilling to let go of Andrew Bynum in exchange for Kidd. Kobe needs legitimate help to run the team, but it seems the management is not doing anything to build the right team around Kobe. Last season, the Lakers made it to the playoffs, but the Phoenix Suns disposed of them in the first round. This caused more frustration on Kobe’s side which made him publicly declare a trade demand. Then after a brief conversation with Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe back down his trade request.

Kobe Bryant

Everybody waited the whole summer for developments regarding Kobe’s status with the Lakers but there was none. Kobe was present on the opening of the Lakers training camp, but personally, I think the roller coaster ride is not yet over. Sooner or later, if Lakers don’t get the necessary players for the team, Kobe will surely want his way out of Los Angeles.

A few days ago, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss stated that he’s now willing to trade Bryant. Buss said in an interview that he’s willing to listen to trade offers concerning Kobe. This adds a whole new color to the wild “trade-me, trade-me-not” roller coaster ride of Kobe. And it leaves us all wondering and waiting to see if Kobe will continue to play with the Lakers or explore new horizons outside Los Angeles.


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