The Roster Woes of Miami Heat

Miami Heat

I think the Miami Heat needs a restructuring in the team. Future Hall of Famer Shaquille O’neal is getting old and his career is on the downhill slope. The team also endured the departure of several key rotation players like Jason Kapono and James Posey. Veterans Eddie Jones and Gary Payton won’t be returning to suit up in Heat uniforms too. To make up for the lost players, Heat acquired point guard Smush Parker to share ball handling duties with Jason Williams. Surprisingly, the team also acquired 36 year old swingman Anfernee Hardaway in hopes of adding depth to the roster. Hardaway battled several injuries in the past which caused his performance to decline. Clearly, he will not be the savior of this team, but just another old beat up player chasing the elusive ring.

Personally, I’m not thrilled about Shaq and Penny playing together again after so many years. It just wouldn’t work out. If they can still play like they did when they were younger, maybe the Heat would have a big chance for a championship run, but let’s face it, their both old and past their prime. Of course Shaq can still score a few baskets, but unlike him, Penny will probably spend most of the game nights sitting on the bench.

Miami Heat


Miami Heat needs to put things together if they are going to compete for the NBA championship. They need to manage the loss of key players and the arrival of new faces. The team needs to stick together first before they can make a run for the gold. The Miami Heat will be able to reach the playoffs, but I doubt that they can reach the finals, in my opinion at least.



3 responses to “The Roster Woes of Miami Heat

  1. There was no key loss when the Heat lost Kapono. He did nothing the year they won the title so he won’t be missed.
    Posey had his place on the team and contributed.

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