Dallas Mavericks and its post season disappointments

Dallas Mavericks

After two disappointing post season performances of the Dallas Mavericks, Head Coach Avery Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki and the rest of the team will be back this season with only one thing in their minds: to capture the elusive NBA championship that they missed in their last two campaigns. Two years ago, the Mavericks blew their 2-0 lead in the NBA finals and the chance to win the gold by losing to the Miami Heat and just last season after leading the league with an impressive 67-15 record, the Mavs lost to the 8th seeded Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs.

There’s no doubt that the Mavericks will start this season pretty much like the previous year, filled with intensity and aggressiveness. Once again they will try and hope to make another title run and if ever they make it to the Finals again, I hope they can handle the pressure, play decent basketball games and hopefully emerge as NBA champions if they really deserve to take the gold.


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