Mr. Triple Double Jason Kidd

Jason KiddMr. Triple Double, Jason Kidd had another stellar performance last season. He finished the previous season with an almost triple double statistics. His playoff run was much more impressive wherein he averaged an astonishing 14 points-10 rebounds-10 assists. Nobody can deny Kidd‘s basketball talent, and even with his numerous triple doubles, I still can’t stop feeling bad because he still hasn’t won an NBA championship. I think Jason Kidd deserves to win a championship soon. He’s not getting any younger and I think he will retire soon and as a fan, it would be sad to see him walk out of NBA without even a single championship ring.


Jason Kidd

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Jason Kidd, from Dallas Mavericks, to Phoenix Suns and finally, New Jersey Nets. I would love to see him retire from the NBA with at least one championship and I hope he can do it with the Nets this season.




2 responses to “Mr. Triple Double Jason Kidd

  1. Like sir Charles Barkley who was an all star player and a one time MVP in the NBA… but as long as Kidd stays in Newjersey the hopes of winning the Larry O brien cup is still dim.. i still wish they could trade him to the lakers or Phoenix though..

  2. @ hingedman – for me, there’s no problem if he stays in new jersey. they got a a couple of good guys there, but they really lack inside presence. they recently acquired magloire to do the job in the paint, but they need more than him to get the job done. they need a monster rebounder and shot bloker if they are to compete for the NBA gold.

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