Celtics Posts an Impressive 9-1 Record after Ten Games


Boston Celtics

As expected by most people, the Boston Celtics are really going strong in the season.  After their first ten games, the Boston squad posted an impressive 9-1 win-loss record and remains unbeaten at home.  Pretty impressive for a team composed of aging superstars who are almost past their prime.  When I first heard of the blockbuster trade months ago, I wasn’t really thrilled about it (FYI: I’m not a Celtics fan) and until now, I’m still not excited about it, even if they have a 9-1 record.  For me, it’s just too early in the season to say that they will win the NBA title.  They may be playing good now, as the three of them are each averaging over 20 points per contest but there’s still a question in my mind that is yet to be answered: Are they built for the championship?

Boston Celtics Big Three

The offense of the Celtics is purely anchored to the Big Three (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen) and if one (or two) of them gets injured, who will make up for the lost points?  I still believe that their bench is pretty shallow compared to other teams. There aren’t many reliable offensive players in their roster.  I think Rajon Rondo and Eddie House can provide the scoring spark for the team, but they cannot sustain the offense in case one of the Big Three gets injured.

I have no doubts about the skills of Garnett, Pierce and Allen, but the players around them are not really that good.  The team is not just about them.  The Celtics need to improve and toughen up their roster if they are to contend for the title.  Even if I am not a Celtics fan, I think they may have a chance to capture the elusive Larry O’Brien, but in order to do that, they must toughen up their roster and the Big Three must avoid injuries.  Well that’s just my opinion.




7 responses to “Celtics Posts an Impressive 9-1 Record after Ten Games

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  2. Posey, Tony Allen, House, Rondo, BBD
    actually the Cs have more ofensive weapons than the 3 furthermentioned.
    League is starting to notice that.
    And their defensive cohesion is even better.
    And defense win championships.

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  4. @edgar
    well yeah, some of the Celtics players played good games, but there’s a problem with the consistency.. aside from the Big Three, only Rondo is averaging more than 10 points. The rest of the Celtics players only average about 6-8 points. I have nothing against the Celtics, I know they are a good team and possibly a playoff contender, but personally, i doubt if they are a championship caliber team.

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