Mayorga Wins by Majority Decision

Ricardo Mayorga defeated Fernando Vargas by majority decision from the judges. Nobody expected it to reach the 12th round as Mayorga predicted that the fight will not go beyond the third round while Vargas said the fight would end at the sixth round. The boxers went toe-to-toe for most of the match, fighting almost evenly until Mayorga floored Vargas with a right hand on the closing seconds of the 11th round.

One judge scored the 115-111 and another one 114-112 both in favor of Mayorga. The third judge scored the bout 113-113.

The fighters are headed to different paths after the bout. Even if he lost the fight, Vargas insisted that it was the final boxing match of his colorful career. Vargas, who will turn 30 years old on December, is looking to become a boxing promoter. Mayorga on the other hand expressed desires to go down to 147 lbs. He plans to go down to a lower weight class where he could face the likes of Floyd Mayweather or Miguel Cotto.

The two-time world champion Vargas finished his career with a record of 26-5 with 22 knockouts. And Mayorga, a three-time world champion, improved his record to 28-6-1 with 22 knockouts.




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