The Hitman Loses to the Pretty Boy

Floyd Mayweather Jr. demonstrated his dominance in the sport of boxing last weekend when he floored the undefeated Brit boxer Ricky Hatton.  The two undefeated boxers went toe-to-toe until the referee stopped the bout at round 10.

mayweather vs. hatton

 You can almost taste the bad blood between the two fighters as they fought in the ring.  From the start of the first round, Hatton seemed focused in bringing Mayweather down to the mat.  Hatton was releasing punch after punch but Mayweather was able to dodge the attacks and answer back with counter punches.  You have to give credit for Hatton’s aggressiveness, but his attacks kept on missing the mark.  Mayweather on the other hand seemed reserved and relaxed to be on the defensive end.  He was dodging Hatton’s strikes and at the same time answering back with a counter punch or two.  In the end, Mayweather’s natural boxing talent and skills proved to be too much for the British slugger.  Mayweather landed a huge left hook in the 10th round that sent Hatton down on the mat.  He was up at eighth count but seemed groggy.  The fight continued and Mayweather landed another big left hook that puts Hatton on the floor for the second time.  The referee stopped the fight at 1:35 of the round. 

Ricky Hatton (43-1) tasted the first defeat of his career and Floyd Mayweather Jr. (39-0) retained his WBC welterweight title. 




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