Bynum Slowly Coming Out of His Shell

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum is trying to prove to Kobe Bryant and the rest of the NBA that he can play basketball in the big league. Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant ripped Bynum during his trade-me-trade-me-not drama back in the offseason. Kobe wanted to play alongside All-star point guard Jason Kidd the previous season but the Lakers office was not willing to let go of their young center in exchange for the perennial point guard. After getting publicly embarrassed, Bynum went to the gym to train and improve his game, and looks like it paid off.

KobeBryantAndrewBynumBynum is getting steady minutes now and his stats are really improving. He is averaging close to double-double with 10.9 points and 9.7 rebounds this season and things are looking better for him and the rest of the Lakers. The 20-year old Bynum is just in his third NBA season and I think he will continue to get better. Although I believe that it is unlikely that he will be as dominant as Shaquille O’Neal, I still think that in due time, he will be huge force in the paint.




3 responses to “Bynum Slowly Coming Out of His Shell

  1. Bynum is going to be awesome. He has all the traits that a big man needs including athleticism, good feet, good hands and of course size. I could not believe people were writing him off when he was drafted because big guys taken late in the lottery tend to not pan out. Once he learns how to really bang and finish on offense he is going to be a perennial all star. As you said, the kid is only 20!

  2. he might be.. he’s still young and he is greatly improving this season.. he plays really well and he should be the starting center of the lakers instead of the crappy draft dud kwame brown..

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