Disappointments in the Eastern Conference

With about 20 games played into the NBA season, some teams are still struggling to find their groove and rhythm. I expected some teams to start hot in the season but some of them are nothing but disappointments. I will start with the disappointing Eastern Conference teams.

Thomas MarburyFirst on my list is the New York Knicks. With the tandem of Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph, things should have been pretty smooth for the New York squad, but there are far too many scandals that are hounding this team. Controversies and issues inside and outside the court continue to damage the reputation and standing of this once glorious ball club. Isiah Thomas’ sexual harassment case, Stephon Marbury’s larger than life ego and their constant arguments are obviously detrimental to the Knicks’ standings.

Chicago BullsThe Chicago Bulls are also quite disappointing after starting really slow this season. The young Bulls seemed poised and ready to contend for the title last year when they defeated the former NBA champions Miami Heat. But the Bulls are 8-13 this season and they may have to pick up their games soon if they wish to land in a high seed playoff spot. Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Ben Wallace seem to be out of sync these days and they must find their rhythm quickly if they want to play competitively in the playoffs.

Shaq WadeThe former NBA champions Miami Heat are also playing at a very low level this season. They hold a horrible 6-15 record which is second to the last in the league standings. With their current level of play, it’s hard to believe that this team won the NBA championship two seasons ago. Well, come to think of it, Shaquille O’Neal has been struggling this season. I think age/injury/fatigue is catching up with him and he can no longer dominate the paint the way he used to in his younger years. Scoring machine Dwayne Wade just came back from his offseason shoulder and knee surgeries and it may take time for him to adjust in the rigorous NBA campaign. Without Shaq’s dominance and D-Wade’s offensive prowess, the Miami Heat may spend longer time in the bottom of the standings.




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