Disappointments in the Western Conference

The Western Conference is often dubbed as the powerhouse conference because of the strong teams in there particularly the Texas teams: Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs.  With about a quarter of the season gone, most of the Western teams have managed to stay above the .500 mark while most of their Eastern counterparts are struggling just even touch the .500 mark.  Nobody can deny that the West teams are really stronger than the East teams, but don’t be fooled by this.  Even with the “powerhouse” image of the West, there are still few Western teams that are really disappointing this year. 

Tracy McGradyHouston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks are two of the biggest disappointing teams in the West.  Both teams have been underachieving considering the potency of their roster.  The Rockets acquired Rick Adelman to replace Jeff Van Gundy at the helm but it seems they’re still struggling as a team.  Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady are doing just fine, but I think the supporting cast should step up a little bit more if they want to create some noise in the competitive West. 

Dirk NowitzkiThe Mavericks on the other hand are doing a poor job in replicating their impressive 67 wins last season.  Dirk Nowitzki’s performance has decreased compared last year and this is not a good sign for the Mavs.  Although Josh Howard is continuing to improve, the rest of the Mavs needs to pick up their games if they are aiming to make another title run.

Carlos Boozer, Deron WilliamsThe Utah Jazz as a team is also quite disappointing at this point in the season.  Sure Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer are playing fantastic basketball individually speaking, but their team record is just right above the .500 mark with 14 wins and 12 losses.  The Jazz have dropped seven of their last eight games and that’s a tough situation for a team that was expected to come out strong this year.




2 responses to “Disappointments in the Western Conference

  1. well yeah.. some teams have been really underachieving in the league, but then there are some surprising things happening too.. portland seems to be on a roll lately winning 8 straight.. new orleans and atlanta hawks have been playing good too.. hopefully next year these slumping underachieving teams step up to make the league more exciting..

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