Bulls Wins against the Hapless Heat 126-96

Miami Heat

Ben Gordon had 24 points and Joe Smith put in 23 points as the Chicago Bulls routed the listless Miami Heat 126-96 and spoiled Shaquille O’Neal’s return. Even with Shaq around, the Heat still looked hapless as the Bulls outscored them in the first, third and fourth periods. This is Miami’s 11th straight loss.
Shaq finished with 24 points and 10 rebounds for the game but eventually fouled out. Dwayne Wade also finished with 24 points and added 6 assists. Jayson Williams had 17 points and 5 assists while Udonis Haslem chipped in 15 points and 12 rebounds.

The Heat sank deeper into the standings as the season goes on and they’re campaign is virtually over at this point. They last won on December 22, 104-102 against the Utah Jazz. Alonzo Mourning watched the game from the sidelines.

Chicago Bulls


The Bulls, coming from two tough loses bounced back and played big today. Luol Deng posted 21 points and 8 rebounds while Andres Nocioni had 20 points. Thabo Sefolosha finished with season-high 17 points for the Bulls. Kirk Hinrich missed his second straight game due to back spasms.

The Chicago Bulls are 15-22 in the Central division and the Miami Heat are 8-29 in Southeast.




2 responses to “Bulls Wins against the Hapless Heat 126-96

  1. the bulls have the talent and skills, but they are having problems executing in the games.. they should sort things out before the all-star weekend and come out strong after the break.. they badly need a LOT of wins..

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