My Take on the Eastern Conference All-Stars


NBA Eastern Conference

The NBA All-Star Weekend is fast approaching and the fans are all busy voting for their favorite players to be included in the East and West teams.  It might be a little difficult to choose players to be included in the All-Star game because of some surprises particularly in the Western Conference.  If I can go my way, I’ll have 12 of the best players in my opinion to play for the East and West teams.  So to get things going, here’s my take on the Eastern Conference:


Chauncey Billups – One of the best point guards in the NBA.  He is one-half of probably the best backcourt tandems in the league.

Jason Kidd – Best point guard in the Eastern Conference.

Rip Hamilton – He forms probably the best backcourt in the league with Chauncey Billups.  As with every player in Detriot Pistons, he is often underappreciated. 

Richard Jefferson – This is a career season for RJ, and it’s probably time for an All-Star game appearance.

Caron Butler – Carried the Arenas-less Wizards along with Antawn Jamison.

Paul Pierce – Even with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett playing in Boston, I still believe Pierce remains as the main man of the Celtics.

Antawn Jamison – Along with Caron Butler, they form probably the most formidable forward tandem. 

LeBron James – averaging close to triple-double is enough reason to put him in the All-Star game. He is playing the best basketball of his pro-career.

Josh Smith – The All-Star game would most likely have a lot of alley-oops and flashy dunks and it would be nice to see some good old blocked shots courtesy of Josh Smith. 

Chris Bosh – Check out his “Vote for Chris Bosh” video campaign.

Dwight Howard – Nobody can ignore his 22 points and 15 rebounds per game.

Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett is Kevin Garnett.


For consideration:

Joe Johnson – The Atlanta Hawks have made pretty decent runs as of late and this might be enough to get him an All-Star appearance.
Ray Allen – I’ll consider putting him on the final roster if he can come out of his shooting slump.
Vince CarterCarter started slow this season but he is starting to pick up his game now.  But with Kidd and Jefferson on my line-up I think I’ll put Carter on shelf this time. 




One response to “My Take on the Eastern Conference All-Stars

  1. good list. i am going to do the same type of post soon. the only differences i have are ray allen and redd instead of rip and jefferson. the west is much tougher though… so many deserving players.

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