My Take on the Western Conference All-Stars

I know, I know. I admit that this list comes a bit late because the starters for the All-Star weekend are already finalized.  Anytime now, the coaches will be picking out the deserving players to go out and play on the All-Star weekend.  Screening players in the Western Conference is a difficult task because the West is pretty loaded.  But I will still proceed with my personal choices for the All-Star games.  Here are my personal choices for the Western All-Stars:


Western Conference

Steve NashNash is without a doubt the best point guard in the Western Conference, possibly in the whole league.

Chris Paul – He is best young floor general in the league.  The New Orleans Hornets is 31-12 because of his leadership.

Kobe Bryant – He is the best offensive player in league today.

Allen IversonA.I. is playing fantastic basketball with the Denver Nuggets this season.  He deserves another run in the All-Stars before his career is over.

Stephen Jackson – The Golden State Warriors is just different without Captain Jack.

Carmelo Anthony – He improved his rebounding this season and continues to play great offensive basketball. 

Dirk Nowitzki – The reigning MVP is relatively quiet this season but he still ranks among the best players in the West. 

Carlos Boozer – He is a double-double threat on nightly basis. 

Tim Duncan – Personally, I think Timmy is a bit boring, but he is still an All-Star material in my book.

Amare Stoudemire – He is averaging 22.7 points, 9 rebounds and over 2 blocks per game, definitely an All-Star material in my opinion.

Yao Ming – Best true center in the West.

Marcus Camby – I want to see this big guy bring his 3.9 blocks per games in the All-Star weekend and swat some of the flashy alley-oops and dunks. 


The short listed:

Chris Kaman – The L.A. Clippers are just miserable this season, but Kaman has been dominant by stepping up in the absence of Elton Brand.

Brandon Roy – After leading the Portland Trailblazers to multiple winning streaks, Roy deserves a nod to be in the All-Star games.

Tony Parker – He hasn’t made any significant noise this season, but still remains as one of the premier players in the league. 


*Tracy McGrady – are you kidding me? This guy should be called T-Hurt.  




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