Brock Lesnar Taps Out to Frank Mir

Brock Lesnar’s UFC debut was spoiled after he was forced to tap out by Frank Mir. Brock lost in his second professional MMA fight after getting his leg twisted by Mir. In a matter of 90 seconds, the fight was over. Mir face was a bloody mess but he was still able to find an opening and twist Brock’s leg.

Brock Lesnar


As expected, Brock came out aggressive in the opening seconds of the first round. The former WWE superstar came out strong and used his strength and size to his advantage. About four seconds into the first round, Brock easily took down Mir to the ground. He overpowered Mir in the position and released a barrage of strikes with his hammer-like fists. But he got a little too excited and hit Mir at the back of his head. The ref stopped the fight temporarily and deducted a point from Brock.

When the fight resumed, Brock continued to dominate Mir until his leg was caught by the former UFC champion. Mir applied a leg lock and forced the former NCAA champion to tap out with 3:30 left in the first round.




5 responses to “Brock Lesnar Taps Out to Frank Mir

  1. The message: “Hey kids, take steroids, you can get into UFC, just look at Brock Lesnar!”
    Absolute failure who should go back to his rigged “fights” in wwe.

  2. Hey Guys! I found this MMA league called XKL! They have huge plans and seem to be back by big muscle! They are having an event on August 15th. The Road to Dubai… Great concept.. I think they may give the other leagues a run for their money!

    Competition is always great for the FANS!!!


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