Pardon me for posting such a late entry regarding my NBA mid-season awards. I planned to post this entry weeks ago but I had other things to do and didn’t have the time to evaluate and write the awards. I know I’m late so I’ll cut things short and get to awarding:



Al Horford

Al Horford of Atlanta Hawks

9.2 PPG

9.9 RPG

1.2 APG

1.1 BPG

I had to give it to Al Horford. Kevin Durant is more dominant offensively speaking, but I like the way Horford contributes to his team. The Atlanta Hawks are on the verge of winning a playoff spot and Horford has been great in contributing to his team. Among all the rookies, I think Horford has the most impact on their respective teams.


Honorable Mention: Kevin Durant, Jamario Moon, Yi Jinlian




Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman of L.A. Clippers

17.0 PPG

13.7 RPG

1.9 APG

1.5 BPG

Andrew Bynum used to be my prime candidate for this award but since he got injured, I thought Chris Kaman deserves to get this award. Kaman really stepped up in Elton Brand’s absence from the Clippers averaging 17 points and 13 rebounds compared to his last season’s 10 points 7 rebounds.


Honorable Mention: Jose Calderon, Andrew Bynum, Al Jefferson




Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili of San Antonio Spurs

19.1 PPG

4.8 RPG

4.4 APG

This one is pretty easy. Manu Ginobili is a starter player playing off the bench. As a reserve player, Manu is logging in 30 minutes per game which is essentially a starter’s playing time. Manu provides the offensive spark of the Spurs from the bench.


Honorable Mention: David Lee, Leandro Barbosa, Jason Terry




Josh Smith

Josh Smith of Atlanta Hawks

18.1 PPG

8.1 RPG

3.4 BPG

2.0 SPG

This was a pretty tough decision I think. Marcus Camby is still the premier shot blocker in the NBA, but Josh Smith offers a bit more then blocking. Smith can rebound well and he blocks shots insanely. Plus he can steal the ball a couple of times in a game. Simply put, Smith is all over the place. Smith’s rebounds, blocks and steals bring him this award.

Honorable Mention: Marcus Camby, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard




Nate McMillan of Portland Trailblazers

28-20 (3rd in the Northwest division)

This coach has resurrected the Portland Trailblazers this season. When the No. 1 draft pick Greg Oden got injured, people immediately took out the Blazers out of the equation. People never expected the Blazers to make an impressive run back in December when they won 13 games straight. Gotta give it to McMillan for steering his young players to play maturely and compete in the NBA, particularly in the tough Western Conference.

Honorable Mention: Byron Scott, Doc Rivers, Reggie Theus (for the Sacramento Kings‘ resiliency)



Chris Paul

Chris Paul of New Orleans Hornets

20.8 PPG

4.0 RPG

10.8 APG

2.6 SPG

At this point of the season, this is a no-brainer. Chris Paul has been fantastic. Three years into his NBA career and he has already emerged as the leader of the Hornets. LeBron James might contend for the MVP title, but CP3 is playing in the tougher Western Conference and the Hornets (33-15) are currently third in the West.

Honorable Mention: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard (sorry no Kevin Garnett here).




4 responses to “NBA MID SEASON AWARDS

  1. Hey, I just found your site when I was over commenting at the Sports Beat. Pretty nice picks for your NBA half-way point. Especially the two Hawks players. Horford has been solid night in and night out (Durant will have his 3-17 shooting nights, Horford will not) and Smith is one of the most underrated players in the NBA; he can do it all. And Chris Paul? man, he was one of my favorite players in college, I’m just happy that he’s been able to come into his own this season and really take over.

    Good picks, and good post.

  2. @ emmettjones
    thanks man.. too bad the atlanta hawks are on the losing end right now. lol. but they’re in the east, they’ll be fine. hehe. chris paul has really carried the new orleans this season. he really proved that he can hold his own. he had a bad night against deron williams and the utah jazz, but I’ll pick CP3 over D-Will any time of the day. they’re both talented guards but CP3 is a true leader.

  3. Hey FO…

    For my picks,
    Rookie goes to Horford…
    MIP – Disagree on Kaman. Bynum’s improvement (despite Kobe’s presence) is the difference (early on) between this season’s team, and last season – despite the injury – MIP: Andrew Bynum

    6th Man – Hard to go with Manu given the Spurs poor showing thus far. For my money, Leandro Barbosa (tho’ sometimes difficult to call him a ‘6th man’).

    Defensive Player of the 1\2 Year – Marcus Camby.

    Coach – agreed: McMillan

    MVP – Prior to KG’s injury, was a toss-up between he & Kobe. So now, gotta stay true & say Kobe.

    Other mentions – Chris Paul, Brandon Roy.

  4. @ WM
    thanks bro..
    yeah, i think my man bynum is perfect for the most improved player award, but i had to give it to kaman for the first half of the season because my man bynum injured. when he gets back from the injury and continues to play at a high level, then he might just win the ACTUAL most improved player award. but for the first half, i’d still stick with kaman. bynum just missed sop many games so i think kaman deserves the first half awards.
    of course marcus camby is a prime candidate for the defensive player award but i’d like to lean on josh smith because he can combine blocks and steals. he cannot hit the boards like camby does but 8 rebounds is pretty decent combined with 3 blocks and 2 steals per contest.
    well anyways, this is just the first half awards in my opinion. still have a lot of games left to see who really deserved the full season awards.
    thanks again WM.

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