MayweatherWins by KO in WrestleMania Debut

WBC welterweight champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather was successful in his debut in pro-wrestling last weekend. The best pound-for-pound boxer surprised more than 74,000 fans when defeated the 400-pound giant Big Show by way of a knockout at WrestleMania XXIV.

floyd mayweatherIt was pretty much a cat-and-mouse game as Mayweather tried to outrun the Big Show early on, but he got in trouble when the “world’s largest athlete” managed to catch him and wrap his hands around his neck. With the “anything-goes” rule in effect, Mayweather hit the Big Show back with a kick to the groin. He then repeatedly hit the Big Show‘s head with a steel chair before finally finishing him off. Mayweather nailed the coffin when he put on brass knuckles on his right hand and landed a punch square on his opponents jaw. Big Show went down and after the count of ten, the referee ruled him out and declared Floyd Mayweather as the winner.




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