The Moon Landing

I know this post comes very late and I apologize for that. It’s my finals week in school and i have tons of paper work to do that i hardly have time to write here in my site.

When i read about WithMalice‘s Unsung Player Day, one player popped in my head immediately. Jamario Moon. Some of you may or may not agree with me, but since day one, i’ve always thought that Jamario Moon deserves some attention. As a rookie, Moon plays almost 30 minutes per game and averages 8.8 points and 6.2 rebounds and 1.5 blocks. With that kind of stats, one might say that Moon is hardly an unsung player. I chose to write about Jamario Moon for this entry primarily because of his hard work and dedication.

You gotta admire Jamario Moon‘s hard work and persistence to the game of basketball. He was practically a journey man in the world of basketball hopping from team to team in the NBDL, CBA, ABA and USBL. He even played for the Harlem Globetrotters in 2004 and had a brief stint in Mexico in 2006 before he played for the Toronto Raptors this season. Moon is now enjoying his first season in the NBA after a long journey. All his experiences with his previous teams probably taught him a lot of valuable stuff in the game of basketball and it’s inspiring to see that his years of hard work is finally paying off.

Jamario Moon may not shoot the ball like Kobe Bryant does or penetrate the lane like LeBron James does but he has the heart of a true winner, a champion. He is not a dominant player in the NBA and he might spend the rest of his career as a role player, but he is a true living example that hard work pays off. For Jamario Moon‘s heart, passion and dedication, I choose him as my Unsung Player.



3 responses to “The Moon Landing

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  2. Heart of a champion… huh. Always interesting to see different viewpoints on a player.

    I’m a Raps season ticket holder, and my impression of Moon is, “I’m just happy to be here, and I don’t too much care about what it might take to get me more than my 2 year $800k contract.” He hasn’t learned a thing since his hops and quickness earned him a spot on the floor. The sooner the Raptors get a player with similar athletic gifts who wants to really make something of himself, the better.

    This article illustrates the Moon I know(

    “There’s not much not to like about Moon. He’s modest, humble, funny and friendly. But if you ever wonder how it took him so long to make the NBA there’s a little insight for you: Here was his chance to shine, take home a decent pay day and earn himself a little spot in basketball history and he just kind of winged it. Less winging, more planning and he might have made the league a lot sooner.”

  3. @ neil
    okay man, i may have missed a thing or two about jamario moon. apologies for that.. i’m not a raptors ticket holder so i wouldn’t know the inside stuff about the players there.. but i do know that jamario moon worked hard before he landed in the NBA.. he may not show a lot of love for the raptors, but that’s a different story.. i just wanted to write about him and his journey before he reached the NBA..
    btw, thanks for the info man. thanks for the link.. it’s also interesting to know your point of view regarding moon.. cheers..

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