Melo Arrested for DUI

Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony was arrested Monday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. Anthony failed a series of sobriety tests and was charged with DUI before being released. He is due in court May 14.

The Nuggets didn’t practice Monday and Anthony was unavailable for comments. The Nuggets organization was aware of the situation but declined comment.

This is a great time for Carmelo Anthony to be arrested. With only a game (against Memphis Grizzlies) left in the regular season, the Nuggets are still fighting for the last seed in the West. Anthony‘s arrest just adds another frustration for the Nuggets organization and fans. The Nugs are just half-game ahead of the Golden State Warriors and this fiasco at a very crucial time will probably distract the focus and momentum of the Nugs. But you never know, the arrest just might put more sense into his head and help him concentrate more for their last game and possibly the playoffs. Sheesh..

Carmelo apologizes to his fans, the Denver community, his teammates and the Nuggets organization for the distraction this is causing them.” Anthony‘s attorney, Dan Recht said.

In February, Anthony was ticketed in Colorado for driving 25 mph over the limit. Last year he was involved in a brawl at Madison Square Garden and floored KnicksMardy Collins. He was suspended 15 games for his involvement in the incident.

Carmelo Anthony is currently averaging 25.8 points (fourth in the league) and career-best 7.4 rebounds.



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