I’m not really a fan of Sonics but as an NBA follower, I’m joining the petition to stop their relocation to Oklahoma City. I’m joining the petition to keep the Sonics in Seattle for one simple reason: the Sonics belong in Seattle, let’s keep it that way. Let’s keep the 40 years of basketball tradition in Seattle intact. To anybody reading this who has power over the issue, please make the difference and vote against the relocation of Sonics.




5 responses to “SAVE THE SONICS

  1. It is shameful how David Stern backdoored Seattle on this. It is almost like he got Oklahoma City to house the Hornets conditional to his stealing away the Sonics for OC once New Orleans got its team back. This was a done deal the minute the team was sold and there does not appear to have ever been a legitimate chance the city of Seattle was going to keep this team. New owner planned the move all along and is the only reason he bought the franchise. The really stupid thing about all this is that Seattle will get another team a few years down the road, while the “newness” will wear off in Oklahoma City and once more the NBA will be stuck with a worrisome franchise.

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