Celtics, Clueless at Road Game Woes

The Celtics played in Beantown today and naturally, they won against Cleveland Cavaliers 96-89. The series heads back to Cleveland for game 6 and we all know how the Celts play on the road. The Celtics, 66-16 in the regular season, won an NBA-best 31 road games this season but so far, in the playoffs, they are 0-5 on the road. From the start of the season, I’ve have been doubting this Celtics team. I just don’t think they are a championship material team. Sure they are a playoff material team, but I just don’t think they have enough to compete for the title. For a team to be a championship contender, they must have poise in and out of their comfort zones. Of course, a team must always take advantage of the home-court court, but you must also find ways to win on the road especially deep in the playoffs.

When asked why they keep on losing road games in the playoffs, the Celts were plain clueless:

“If I knew that, man, I don’t think we’d be having these conversations or these problems on the road.”Kevin Garnett

“I wish I could really answer that.”James Posey

“It’s hard to say. I have no answer for it. I have no answer.”Ray Allen

The Celts are up 3-2 in the series against the Cavs and I’m thinking this will go all the way to game 7 because the Celtics will probably lose again in Cleveland.



2 responses to “Celtics, Clueless at Road Game Woes

  1. Clearly you have to doubt the Celtics as championship material based on their inability to win in Atlanta and Cleveland of all places. Can’t wait to see how they fare against Detroit when they visit Motown. I have little doubt they’ll pull it together in Game 7 at home (again) but I am perplexed they didn’t finish both teams off sooner and certainly they’ll be the “fourth seed” in the Final Four should they prevail Sunday afternoon.

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