Cheap Shot Bob’s Antics

I wasn’t able to watch the Hornets-Spurs game so I had no idea about the HorryWest incident. I logged on to the net and checked out videos to see what’s up with the buzz. So here’s what I got:

After seeing the video, I thought it was intentional given the fact that the Spurs in general is a dirty team (just kidding). Jokes aside, I really think that the bump was intentional. I know it’s the playoffs and hard hit and bumps are bound to happen, but this shot was different. David West played with back problems and Horry was aware of that. West was backpedaling and then out of nowhere, Horry‘s forearms lands squarely on West’s lower back. In addition to that, West was trying to deflect Ginobili‘s pass and his feet were not on the ground when Horry bumped him. West could’ve easily lost his balance and dropped hard on the floor, risking serious injuries.

Let’s take another look:

Oh and before I forget, the Spurs fans only made it worse. I think they know that their team is rough (or dirty) and they were actually happy to support it. The Spurs fans were chanting “Horry, Horry, Horry” while David West was grimacing with pain. Classy.

photo credits: Hornets 247



One response to “Cheap Shot Bob’s Antics

  1. There is no doubt it was intentional, don’t forget that he took a cheap-shot against Steve Nash and elbowed Raja Bell last year which led to unnecessary suspension of two major Sun Players for the next game.

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