Gina Carano Wins Via TKO

After failing to meet the 140 lbs. weight limit, Gina Carano went on to defeat Kaitlin Young via TKO at the end of the second round during their Elite XC Primetime fight card.

Carano and Young went toe-to-toe for the first two rounds until the doctors declared the fight stoppage. Carano landed big punches early on the first round and even took Young to the mat for some ground fight. Young responded with some solid punches and kicks of her own.

The second round started well for both fighters exchanging sound kicks and punches. Midway of the second round, Carano landed a big punch square on Young‘s face. Young looked momentarily dazed and Carano took advantage of the situation and released a barrage of strikes. A kick sent Young to the ground and Carano attempted to do a rear-naked choke as the time expired. Young‘s face was a mess at the end of the second round and doctors declared the stoppage of the bout.

Carano agreed to 12.5% deduction on her “show” purse for failing to make the 140 lbs. weight requirement.

Gina Carano holds a 6-0-0 MMA record.



5 responses to “Gina Carano Wins Via TKO

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  2. FOULEDOUT, I have to tell ya based on your comments and another blogger’s, I checked out the MMA for the first time when it was on CBS. I had no idea what to expect, only having seen the sport while flipping channels and reading about it the day before the event. I went into it knowing nothing. I have to say, I was not surprised at the ratings it got but I was stunned at the fact it looked more like scripted pro wrestling than a legit sport with its flygirls, long-winded introductions, the posses, etc. For almost three hours of television, there was about fifteen minutes of “action.” That being said, the Gina Carano-Kaitlin Young fight was the highlight of the night and, if the MMA decides to be more sport than sideshow, perhaps it will find a niche in sports television after all. I’m tellin’ ya, I think either one of those girls could have taken out Kimbo!

  3. @ sportsattitude
    i only saw the carano-young fight and based on what i heard, that fight was the highlight of the whole show. cbs made a mistake in handling the mma event. i think they put too much hype and theatrical stuff for marketability. don’t get too discouraged about mma man, mma fighting is good, pretty much like boxing.. but cbs may have handles the event in the wrong way.. they need to set aside the theatrical antics and focus more on the fights..

  4. I think I might give it another shot…as much as it surprises me to say so. If they tone down the theatrics they might be on to something.

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