Valero Stops Shimada By TKO

Venezuelan knock-out artist Edwin Valero retained his WBA super featherweight title after clobbering Japan’s Takehiro Shimada. Valero defeated Shimada via TKO in the seventh round.

The ref stopped the bout when Shimada was sent to the canvas by a right hook from Valero at 1 minute, 55 seconds of the seventh round.

Shimada dropped to 22-4-1 with 15 KOs while Valero improved to 24-0 all by way of knockouts.

Valero recently expressed his desire to move up to the 135 lbs. division since there are big names in the lightweight division. He will jump to the 135 division if he can have fight contract against Filipino fighter Manny Pacquaio, who recently moved up to 135.

It would be interesting to see Valero move up to 135 and compete with the big names in the division. If he actually moves up, he can face an assortment of 135 fighters. Manny Pacquaio or Nate Campbell or Joel Casamayor would be great options. He can also fight Juan Manuel Marquez or Joan Guzman, both expected to go up to the lightweight division. Things just got a little more exciting in the lightweight division.



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