NBA Glory Back In Beantown

The Boston Celtics are once again the NBA World Champions. After going through an intense playoff battles all the way back from the first round, the Celtics finally captured their gold. Truth to be told, I’m not really a fan of Celtics and I was rooting for the L.A. Lakers to win it all. I’m not a Lakers fan at heart, but I wanted them to win because I didn’t believe in the Celtics. I didn’t want to buy the idea that they are a championship caliber team because of their Big 3. Through the playoffs, Lakers looked poised to win it all while the Celtics struggled to win away from home. But after the grueling 26 playoff games, the Green Machine eventually emerged as the champs.

After watching game 6, I thought the Celts deserved to win. They showed heart, courage and determination. They were in the zone while the Lakers looked dazed and confused. The Green Machine was well oiled and every cog was running smoothly. Everybody in the team wanted to win the gold and everyone contributed something. Lakers, on the other hand, lacked the intensity and aggressiveness which eventually cost them the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Doc Rivers gives tribute to Celtics patriarch Red Auberbach by lighting a cigar.

After the game, I checked the stats of the game and it showed why the Celtics finished on top. Here are the stats for game 6:


Lakers 29 (2 offensive)

Celtics 48 (14 offensive)


Lakers 16

Celtics 33


Lakers 4

Celtics 18


Lakers 0

Celtics 4


Lakers 19

Celtics 7

With those numbers posted on the box score, it wasn’t really surprising to see the Celtics finish on top. The Lakers were totally dominated by the Celtics in the game considering the fact that they are supposed to be more experienced, especially Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson. The Celtics just showed more hunger and determination than the Lakers to win the gold and they eventually got their prize. Props to the both teams for reaching the NBA finals and much respect for the Boston Celtics. Cheers!



2 responses to “NBA Glory Back In Beantown

  1. Agreed, major credit to be given to the Boston Celtics. There were many nay-sayers who felt that Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce wouldn’t co-exist, that there were no bench pieces to fill the bill, that Doc Rivers was not a solid coach, etc. They set out on a mission and mission accomplished. I will always been impressed by the juice and passion their role players possessed every time they had a chance to do their thing, almost forcing the superstars to stay super and at the top of their games. The last thing we needed for the New England area was yet another champion, but at least these Bostonians are guys you can root for any day of the week.

  2. i for one doubted the celts from the very start.. I really believed that the lakers will win in 6 or 7 but the luck of the irish prevailed.. the celts showed the heart and determination to win the gold and you gotta give them credit for that..

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