All Time Nets

With Malice, a big time Lakers fan recently posted his All-Time Lakers team and I thought it would be fun to make my own all time Nets team. I think other bloggers are also making their own all-time teams and I can’t wait to see their line-ups. Without further delay, I present to you my All-Time Nets team.

Starting five:

PG: Jason Kidd

SG: Drazen Petrovic

SF: Julius Erving

PF: Buck Williams

C: Nenad Krstic (lack of options)


Vince Carter

Nate Archibald

Kenyon Martin

Rick Barry

Richard Jefferson

It was pretty hard filling up the positions especially the center spot. I think there’s really a scarcity in talented big men that played for the Nets in the past. Though Krstic is a pretty decent center, I don’t really feel that he deserves to be up there as an all-time great Nets player. His name is actually there just to fill up the center position.

I was thinking of putting Derrick Coleman and Keith Van Horn on the list but decided they weren’t really big part of the Nets. Coleman had too much off-court issues and Van Horn was inconsistent for most parts of his career. The two of them are can be considered to be part of the all-time team, but as of now, they are just for consideration.

I guess my Nets are not as talented as Redsarmy’s All-Time Celtics of With Malice’s All-Time Lakers, but that’s fine with me.

My team will probably get trampled upon by the other all-time greats, but I don’t really care. I had fun doing this and I know bright future is ahead of my New Jersey Nets.

Other sites who participated in this mini-event:

With Malice


Five Tool Tool



5 responses to “All Time Nets

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  2. Enjoyed seeing an all-time Nets team. Old enough to remember the ABA and a lot of the players they had prior to the merger. Brought back some memories. Sad to see Kidd, Carter and Jefferson broken up now – if they only had a big man during all that time they might have stolen at least one title.

  3. @ DMtShooter
    sorry man, but i have a limited knowledge about the nets players especially during the ABA years.. but thanks for pointing that out..

    @ Sportsattitude
    that’s what i’ve been praying for man, for them to have a decent big man who can rebound, defend and block shots, but sadly, it didn’t happen.. but i’m still hopeful.. i know bright future is ahead of my nets..

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