Paulie Malignaggi Will Punish Pacquiao! Or So He Says.

I recently read this interview of Paul Malignaggi over at East Side Boxing and it was the crappiest interview I’ve read in a long time. Malignaggi is the IBF junior-welterweight champ, but he’s full of shit (pardon the expletive). This guy must have smoked some crack to have hallucinations about defeating Ricky Hatton and punishing Manny Pacquiao. Come on Paulie, where the hell did you get your stupid ideas?

To give you an idea about the crap interview I am talking about, here’s a short excerpt from the interview of the “Magic Man”.

Firstly, Paulie, how’s your right hand? I understand the cast came off earlier this week.
I’m in the rehabilitation stage right now, but there is no pain and I’m healing real well. In fact, this break is probably the least damaging of all the breaks I’ve had with the right hand. There was only one fracture, and I’ve had breaks where there were seven fractures.

How many times have you broken your hand now?
I’ve had four separate surgeries on the hand.

Moving on to the Ricky Hatton fight. Are you unhappy the fight looks like it will be held in Las Vegas and not New York?

Well, it looks like it will be The MGM in Las Vegas on November 22nd. So I will be in Vegas with bells on. I would’ve liked the fight to have been at Madison Square Garden but I think it will be Ricky who lives to regret the fight taking place in Vegas instead. For the whole of his career, Ricky Hatton will never get the chance to headline at Madison Square Garden. His only chance would have been in a fight with Paulie Malignaggi.

If you beat him (Hatton), you will likely end his career. Is that your mindset going in?

Not really. I mean, I’m not looking at his future after this fight, I’m only looking at mine. The way I see it, I’d give Ricky a rematch just as soon as I’ve punished Manny Pacquiao. I am really angry at the complete lack of respect Manny Pacquiao has been giving me. I mean, he’s been talking about fighting Hatton next, when Hatton hasn’t even got past me yet! I’ve worked very hard to get where I am in my career, and for Pacquiao to completely take that away from me by disrespecting me – that makes me really want to punish him after I beat Hatton. But then, afterwards, I would be happy to give Ricky a rematch.

Are there any plans for you to move up to welterweight, or will you stay at 140?

I’ll move up to welterweight to get a rematch with Miguel Cotto. That’s the ultimate fight for me, and that would have to be at 147, so I’ll move up for that fight.

Going back to the Hatton fight. How do you see the fight going?

It will definitely be the best performance of my career. I mean, if I don’t stop him I’ll be happy to take a points win. The thing is, I’ll have an answer for anything he does in there. In terms of skill we aren’t even on the some page – there’s no way he can match me for sheer skill.

Come on Paulie, you only have 25 wins in your career with only 5 knockouts and yet you tell people that you’ll bring down Hatton, punish Pacquaio and demand a rematch against Cotto? Get a life dude. Clearly Paul, you gotta quit smoking your shit and stop speaking crap.

Click here to read the full interview.



4 responses to “Paulie Malignaggi Will Punish Pacquiao! Or So He Says.

  1. Hi bro..its been awhile… anyways Paulie is just like other fighters hoping to get a mega money fight with Manny… Although talent wise he has the skills to make an upset his last outing was a controversial split decision win against Lovemore N’dou.. Manny can exploit Paulie in many ways since Paulie imitates the Hitman Thomas Hearns wherein his head is very expose… as slick as he is but he has to deal both speed and power of Manny… if I were Paulie I rather keep my mouth shut and focus on Ricky Hatton which incidentally nicknamed “The Hitman”..

  2. the sooner he shuts his mouth, the better. this guy hasn’t proved anything yet and and it irritates me to see how he acts as if he’s among the best.

  3. It’s the mentality of a boxer. One ounce less of arrogance has you running back into your corner.

    That said, I agree that he needs to concentrate on Hatton. From what I’ve heard, Manny’s been testing the waters and talking about moving up so unless Malignaggi can prove that he the power to potentially follow Manny…

  4. @ feetinthepaint
    manny is already up in the 135 and i don’t think he’s going back to 13 I don’t think promoters will be interested to pit manny against paulie because the fight won’t sell tickets. paulie is just a loud mouth boxer and there are other better boxers that manny can fight.

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