Brock Lesnar Manhandles Heath Herring

In his second fight in the UFC, Brock Lesnar made sure that he will not disappoint. Lesnar won his second fight in the UFC in a very convincing fashion. Lesnar overpowered his more experienced opponent, Heath Herring, for the whole duration of the fight.

From the get-go, Lesnar launched a rocket-powered right and landed it squarely on Herring’s face. The impact of the punch sent Herring tumbling down to the floor prompting Lesnar to pound him more. The fight went the distance because Lesnar couldn’t find the chance to finish off Herring but it didn’t matter at all. The fight was virtually over the moment he landed the hard right in the opening seconds of the fight.

Though Herring was more experienced, he never really had the chance to fight back as he spent most of his time dodging Brock’s offensive attacks. By the start of the third round, his left eye was already swollen shut and when the final horn sounded; his face was a bloody mess.

Lesnar won the fight via decision, taking all cards with scores of 30-26. With the win, Lesnar goes up to 2-1 while Herring drops to 28-14.

In the other cards, Kenny Florian defeated Roger Huerta via decision and Georges St. Pierre retained his title by beating Jon Fitch.



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