Ateneo Bonfire Incident

Ateneo’s bonfire celebration was just classless. Well, not only it was classless, but it was also tasteless and uncalled for. Who would’ve thought that a Catholic school, run by priests, would do such thing? We know that the priests were not directly involved with the incident, but still, the fact that one of their former students orchestrated the name-burning is just unacceptable.

You guys already won the UAAP crown, what more do you want? We don’t have problems with you guys celebrating your victory; just don’t take things too personal. I mean, it’s just basketball, why’d you have to burn planks with people’s names on it. If this thing was done in La Salle’s campus, I bet Ateneo would also be fuming with anger.

But it’s all over now, so I guess it’s all gonna be good, at least for now. I just hope that things like this do not happen again in the coming years.


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