Josh Koscheck Goes Down Against Thiago “Pitbull” Alves

Thiago “Pitbull” Alves methodically defeated Josh Koscheck in the UFC 90 via unanimous decision making his case for a title shot bigger. Alves was set to fight Diego Sanchez but due to some unfortunate injuries, Sanchez had to back out of the fight. Koscheck stepped in for Sanchez to fight Alves with just a two-week notice.

Alves was clearly the upper hand in the game as he showcased his striking abilities including some well-timed leg kicks.

Koscheck on the other hand fought valiantly as he tried to fight back even though he was tagged pretty hard a couple of times. Koscheck also tried to bring Alves down to the ground, but he Alves’ defense was just too much for Koscheck.

Though Koscheck lost the fight, it wasn’t a really a let down because he took it on a two-week notice and he still performed pretty well. Koscheck did a lot of talking, but to his credit, I think he was able to walk it to.

Thiago Alves improves to 22-4 while Josh Koscheck drops to 13-3.



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