Patrick Cote’s Knee Gives Up, Anderson Silva Keeps His Title

Anderson “The Spider” Silva’s winning streak in the UFC extended to eight, but he was obviously not too happy with his latest win against Patrick “The Predator” Cote. Silva and Cote were the headliners for UFC 90, but the main event card ended in a weird and disappointing fashion. Cote busted his knee at the start of the third round forcing ref Herb Dean to stop the bout and declare Silva as the winner.

In the first two rounds, Cote looked determined to defeat Silva as he tried to throw some of his offensive bombs. Silva looked passive earlier as he just circled around the ring while Cote was busy doing his business.

In the third round, Cote tried to throw a leaping punch when his right knee gave up. He clutched his knee as he went down to the floor. Though it was a disappointing, the fight concluded with Silva getting the TKO win over the injured Cote.

At the post-fight interview with UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, Silva apologized to the fans in behalf of Cote for the bizarre outcome of the fight. “I want to apologize to everyone in the stadium and everyone in the arena.”

Anderson Silva improves to 23-4, including 8 straight wins in the UFC while Patrick Cote falls to 14-5.



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