Brock Lesnar TKOs Randy “The Natural” Couture


Brock Lesnar made his presence felt in the UFC last weekend when he finished off the former UFC heavyweight champ, Randy Couture by TKO in round 2 of their scheduled 5-round fight.

Lesnar looked comfortable at the start of the fight and his lack of fight experience didn’t seem to bother him at all. He spent a good part of the first round throwing punches and battling for dominant position against Couture.

In the second round, Lesnar and Couture continued to exchange punches and knees. Midway into the second round, Lesnar’s right eyebrow was already bleeding due to a strike from Couture. Lesnar picked up the pace and landed a solid punch that sent Couture down to the mat. Lesnar followed closely and landed what seemed an eternity of hammer fists. Couture must have been hit more than twenty times to the head before the referee stopped the bout.

Lesnar improves to 3-1 while Couture falls to 16-9.

In just his third fight in the octagon, Lesnar already won the UFC heavyweight title. Looking back at his dominating wins against Heath Herring and Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar’s reign in the heavyweight division looks to be promising.



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