Ricky Hatton Dismantles Paulie Malignaggi

hatton - malignaggiPaulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi started the bout by landing a couple of well-timed jabs to the face of Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton, but that was just about it for him. After the first round, Hatton practically bullied Malignaggi in the ring until the eleventh round when Malignaggi’s corner decided to throw in the towel.

Malignaggi was essentially with his left hand throughout the bout and refused to use his right hand. Hatton basically walked through the jabs of Malignaggi as he showed no respect for the left hand of his opponent. Hatton connected a lot of his power punches and in the later rounds; Malignaggi was in complete defense mode.

Twenty-eight seconds into the eleventh round, Malignaggi’s corner decided to throw in the towel because it was pretty obvious that Malignaggi had no chance of hurting Hatton with the use of only his left hand. Apparently, the “Magic Man” didn’t have a lot of tricks in his magic hat.

Ricky’s brother, Matthew Hatton also won a unanimous decision in an under card feature against Ben Tackie.

Ricky Hatton retained his IBO light welterweight title and improved to 45-1 (32 KOs) while Paulie Malignaggi went down to 25-2 (5 KOs).

(photo credit: philboxing.com/AP Jae C. Hong)



2 responses to “Ricky Hatton Dismantles Paulie Malignaggi

  1. @k-man
    pacman won against oscar de la hoya..! i hope to see manny pacquiao-ricky hatton bout next year.. that would be great! ricky better rest his “fatton” image for awhile..

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