New Jersey Nets: In Review

As much as it hurts to admit it, I guess the season is pretty much over for the (my) New Jersey Nets.  With just a handful of games left and a record of 30-42, I don’t think there’s a chance for them to even finish in the 8th spot.  When the season started, I conditioned myself that the Nets would finish at least at the 7th or 8th spot, but I guess my conservative prediction was inaccurate.  I guess it’s just another year for the Nets.  Next season will come and the season after that and so on.  I just hope that the Nets will find ways to start a season strong and finish it stronger. 

I don’t think the Nets need a major overhaul in their roster, but I think they should shake things a bit.  I think the Devin Harris-Vince Carter tandem is still working so there’s no need to break it up, at least not yet.  The way I see it, the biggest flaw in their game is defence, especially in the paint.  Finding a tough big man to man the middle should be a top concern for the Nets brass.  Brook Lopez is really doing a great job manning the shaded lane and I think he will get better next season.  But aside from him (and Josh Boone) the Nets are pretty much short on big men.

 I think drafting Sean Williams last year was a gamble.  He had a promising game, but I guess that was just it, a promise that was never meant to be fully realized.  Before the draft, Williams had the reputation of being a knuckle-head, and true enough, he was indeed a knuckle-head.  Signing Yi Jinlian was a so-so deal for me.  I’d pick Yi over Williams, but then again, I think there are other players out there better than the two of them.  The Nets should ship either one (or both) of them to get players who can play the 4 and/or 5 positions. The bench depth should also be addressed by the top brass.  They should get a player/s that can take off the pressure from Harris and Carter.  I know it’s easier said than done, but putting up a solid squad which can operate fluidly should be the priority of Nets brass.  As far as the coaching goes, I still have confidence with Lawrence Frank, at least for now.  Oh, one more thing, I guess the Nets should be wiser come draft day.  Top brass should maximize their picks, whatever the results of the lottery would be. 

Win or lose, I’d pretty much stay loyal to the Nets.  I just hope for a better season in November.  That’s all i have right now.  I’ve been tied down with work and school in the last couple of weeks and I haven’t had the time to write here, but I’ll try to squeeze this in my tight schedule.  I really miss watching games and blogging, but my tight schedule is really killing me.  Well anyway, for the people who read this blog (if there’s any), I’ll try to update my blog at least twice or thrice a week. 

And one last thing, please support the Earth Hour.  Turn off your lights for at least an hour.  Every day should be an Earth Day.  Keep it green.



2 responses to “New Jersey Nets: In Review

  1. napanuod ko sa bloomberg the other day, interview sa CEO ng NJ Nets…I think they’re moving to Brooklyn sa 2010. Bigger market.

    sidenote: Brook Lopez is going to be an all-star in 2 years. no doubt. writings on the wall.

  2. @ aperockstar
    yep, i heard nga.. nets pa din.. haha..
    brook lopez has great potential, i just wish that he really develops into a competitive big man who can play on both ends of the floor.
    thanks for the comment! 🙂

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