Thoughts on Ortiz-Griffin (UFC 106)

It was great to see Tito Ortiz back in the octagon. I mean, I don’t like his loud-mouth, trash talking style, but it was great to see a quality fighter fight inside the octagon. With most of the elite UFC figthers sidelined with injuries, it’s great to have Ortiz back in the mix.
Now with regards to his fight against Forrest Griffin, I thought he did well, at least for the first two rounds. The third round proved to be the turning point of the fight as Griffin practically picked him apart with nasty combinations of strikes and kicks. I had Griffin win the fight with him taking the first and third rounds. Ortiz won the second round when he took down Griffin and pounded him hard.
I’m a Griffin fan so it was good to see him back in his game, though it was evident that it’s still not a 100%. I think his previous loss to UFC champ Anderson Silva still haunts him. But he just needs time, he’ll get over it.
Now there are rumors that Griffin and Ortiz will be the coaches for the next season the The Ultimate Fighter. Now I’d really like to see that happen. I mean, it’s just perfect for the two of them. They’ll have time to recover from their injuries. And the natural story line between them with surely cook up nicely during the TUF season. I really hope this happens.
Now UFC 107 is just two weeks away and I’m expecting a battle between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez.



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