thoughts on ufc 107

frank mir’s destruction of cheick kongo just placed on top of the heavyweight contenders. brock lesnar is still out for at least a month a a half more, but possible rematch against mir is highly anticipated. mir put on a show when he blasted kongo with a huge left and sent his opponent down to the ground. a couple of seconds later, kongo was sleeping via mir’s guillotine choke. it was a good night for mir as he placed his name back in the hunt for the ufc heavyweight title. now i cant wait for the rubber match of lesnar and mir. i hope it happens within the first half of 2010. for their first two meetings, which they split, i placed my money on brock lesnar, and the third fight won’t be any different. i’d still put my money on brock lesnar on their third fight, and i i expect him to deliver the goods.

for the bj penn – diego sanchez match, i thought it was a really ugly, one sided match. sanchez was clearly dominated in all aspects of the game. after the first two rounds, it was already clear to me that it was over. i thought sanchez was going to put up one hell of a fight given his fighting style and bottomless gas tank, but it was penn who delivered all the action. after the fight, sanchez needed a facial reconstruction because his face was a literal mess. he had a split lip, swollen eyes and a badly cut forehead. imo, sanchez is one the elite 155 fighters along with kenny florian, but they belongs nowhere near penn. bj is clearly in a league of his own. it would be great to see a rubber match between george st. pierre and penn, but i doubt will win the fight. penn has his own world in the lightweight division, but gsp has his own world in the welterweight class.



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