thoughts on boxing and the nba

posting some of my thoughts regarding the sporting events the past weekend.

first off, mayweather dominated mosley on his way to a decision win. mosley stunned mayweather in the second round but was never able to seal it. mayweather mauled mosley in the succeeding rounds and secured the win.  i dont like mayweather as a person and as a boxer, but gotta give him props for taking the battle to mosley.  i do hope the pacquaio-mayweather fight happens within the year.

in the nba, the second round of playoffs has begun and i was honestly surprised to see some of the teams that were able to advance.  with their quiet, under the radar play late in the season, i never thought id see the mavericks out of the first round.  but then again, theyve always had problems with playoff match-ups in the past.  but then again, they were pitted against the battle-harderned, if not old, spurs.  it’s the playoffs, and as a team, thats how the spurs rolls.  with a dozen or so playoff games under their belt, the spurs were able to keep their composure, adhered to their principles and eventually steal the series from the mavs.

as a nuggets fan, it was hard to see them crumble in the playoffs.  it just shows how much the denver is missing george karl.  in his absence towards the end of the season, nuggets slowly disintegrated as a team and eventually fell apart in the post-season.  as a i see it, it’s not anybodys fault, they can point fingers all they want, but in the end, its nobodys fault.  it was just unfortunate that karl had to leave early this year to get treatment.  anyway, i hope karl gets a speedy recovery.

thats it for now.  ill try to post something soon, that is if i find time.  keep it green.


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