rua knocks out machida, claims lhw title

mauricio ‘shogun’ rua made it sure this time that the fight wont be decided by the judges.  After a very controversial decision loss to lyoto machida last year,  shogun made sure that he’d win the fight and take the title away from the champ in a decisive manner.  And he did that by knocking out the machida, no less.

the highly anticipated rematch did not even reach the second round.  At the onset of the fight,  both fighter measured each other and threw some combos.  machida even got shogun to the ground and worked on the mat fora while.  once they were back on their feet, machida tried to be aggressive by throwing some punches.  shogun on the other hand anticipated it and threw a punch of his own that grazed machida’s temple.  the punch sent the champ down to the mat where shogun unleashed a series of strikes and turned off the lights of machida.

during their first fight, i was already rooting for shogun to win, and this time was no different.  i still rooted for him and he did not disappoint in any way.  it was good to see him win the title by actually ‘taking it away’ from the machida.

that was an incredible fight for shogun and after getting controversial loss against machida last year,  the ko win is a great way to redeem himself.


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