mitrione tkos kimbo

we’ve probably seen the last fight of kimbo slice in ufc after he was battered by matt mitrione in their bout last weekend.  kimbo, who has a huge following in the internet, was beat up by mitrione until stoppage in the second round of their fight ufc113 in montreal.

kimbo, whos real name is kevin ferguson, became internet sensation after his videos of streetfights and brawls were posted on youtube.  kimbo defeated houston alexander in his ufc debut, with the loss against mitrione, he splits his two fights in the organization and dana white said that that’s probably his last fight in the ufc.

well, to be honest,  i was actually hoping to see more kimbo fights in the future.  some consider him a freak show for being a street brawler, though i think he deserves a lot of credit for what he’s done for himself.  he wont be a legit title contender in the future, but he has shown improvements in his game, and i think he has paid his dues.  he deserves credit for taking this path to mma.  we may or may not see him fight in the ufc again, but i got nothing but respect for him.


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