khan dominates malignaggi

motor mouth paulie malignaggi will probably keep his mouth shut for a couple of months after the beating he got at the hands of amir khan last weekend.  it was khan’s first fight in us soil and he sure made a statement by dominating the trash talking new yorker.  i wasn’t fortunate to see the fight, but based from all the articles that i read,  malignaggi was simply outclassed and outboxed by the faster and stronger khan.  in the first 10 rounds, khan dominated malignaggi by landing crisp punches, and by the 11th round, he made a statement by unleashing a flurry of shots that prompted the ref to stop the fight.

the dominating performance puts khan (23-1) puts in the mix as one of the top fighters in the 140 lbs while malignaggi (27-4) slides down to further obscurity.  aside from his skills in self-promotion, malignaggi can’t brag about anything else.  sure he’s pretty slick when it comes to dodging punches, but what’s the use of that if he can’t even make his opponents pay for the missed punches?  paulie can dodge all he wants, but he doesnt have the power to land devastating counter punches that can knock out his opponents.  bobbing and weaving can only do so much and at some point, he needs to realize that he’s running out of options.  increasing his punching power is not an option because of his brittle hands that breaks almost every fight.  i guess he needs to evaluate the situation and see what boxing holds for him in the future.

as for amir khan, his decisive victory over malignaggi puts him on the list as one of the most exciting fighters in his division.  one fight was enough for him to make a statement in US, where he’s relatively unknown.  as long as he is trained by freddie roach,  khan will probably go up the ladder.  he’ll face more challenges in the future, but with the skill set that he has, he’ll have no problems holding his own ground.

though i didn’t see the fight,it’s pretty cool that khan shut malignaggi’s mouth by hammering him for 11 rounds.  after the fight, malignaggi probably  learned his lesson to think first before blabbering.  though knowing malignaggi’s personality,  he’ll probably shut up for a while then once he’s all healed up, he will once again open his loud mouth to share his 2 cents of blah blah.


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