rashad gets a ud win over rampage

after several months of back and forth trash talking and promotion,  quinton ‘rampage’ jackson and ‘sugar’ rashad evans finally met last weekend with rashed squeezing out a unanimous decision over rampage.  the fight, as many fight fansbargued, wasnt able to meet the hype, but personally, i think it was a great fight.

it was interesting to see rashad circle around and take rampage out of rhythm.  rampage wasnt able to land big bombs on the first two rounds and rashad methodically broke him down.  with varying attacks, such as strikes and take downs,  rampage was caught off guard and never had a good rhythm.  but later in the third set, rampage was able to connect and landed rashad on the ground.  rashad was clearly disoriented as rampage rained bombs from the top.  he  was unable to finish his downed opponent.  a few seconds later,  rashad was back on his feet, though a little wobbly.  rampage failed to capitalize on the opportunity and he ended up on the wrong side of the fight as rashad took him down again and hammered him against the cage.  clearly enough, rashad won the contest on points.

most fans were not pleased by the heavily hyped fight.  the fight was hyped and promoted wildly over the last few months and fans thought they deserved a better show.  the level of hatred was never fully translated in combat inside the octagon.  though it lacked action,  i personally enjoyed the fight.  it’s an mma fight and i really enjoyed rashad’s display of abilities.  he really mixed it up in the fight and utilized various weapons, including a hard right that rattled rampage in the opening round.  it may have lacked action in terms of nasty exchanges, but it definitely highlighted the well roundedness of mma fighters in terms of fighting discipline.

rampage’s mistake going into the game was solely relying on his massive ko power.  for a fighter who bragged about having the hardest mma training of his career, he never truly showcased anything.  he was just waiting for an opening so he can land a clean punch, too bad for him, rashad’s unorthodox style and movement neutralized that.

on a side note,  i think antonio rogerio noguiera was lucky to escape with a win over jason brilz. while watching, i thought the fight was going in favor of brilz.  i think that fight was the most exciting of the night given the intensity and rapid exchanges in strikes and submission attempts.  in the end, little nog won via decision, but like most fans who watched the fight, i really thought brilz won it.



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