franklin kos liddell

we probably saw the last of chuck liddell last weekend when he was knocked out by rich franklin at ufc 115. it’s probably iceman’s last outing in the ufc.

iceman’s storied career came to an end when franklin knocked him out with 5 ticks left in the first round.  it was a great fight from the start as the two fighters exchanged strikes.  liddell looked pretty good as he mixed up his techniques which included some kicks and a take down.  towards the end of the first round, liddell pressed on his attack and unleashed a flurry of wild shots.  franklin saw a bit of an opening when liddell lunged forward,and left his face open.  franklin fired a short right hand and connected squarely on liddel’s face sending him down to the mat.  liddell went down on the canvass as franklin immediately connected a follow up punch. with liddell clearly out cold, the referee stepped in and quickly stopped the fight.

liddell ended his career with a series of knockout losses but for someone of his status, i think it hardly matters.  liddell is one of the most recognizable figures in the mma industry.  with his rockstar low hawk and exciting but careless fighting style, liddell built a legion of fans not only for himself but also for the sport he represents.  but with this another knock out loss, i think it would be better for him to hang up the gloves and retire for good.  it was clear during the fight that he can still dish out nasty strikes, but it was also clear that his chin can no longer take on punishments.  he’s been knocked out 4 times in his last 6 fights and i think the kos are taking toll on his body.  though he lost his probable final fight in the octagon, liddell has nothing to be ashamed of.  he’s a legend in the mma industry and nothing can take that away from him, not even a knock out loss against rich franklin.

on the co-main event card mirko ‘cro cop’ filipovic showcased talent and heart in his 3 round bout against pat barry.  in the first round, barry knocked down cro cop twice but was unable to capitalize as he refused to smother cro cop with punches on the ground.  that was probably a big mistake as cro cop bounced back from the two first round knock down and put on the pressure in the second round.  cro cop measured up barry and landed some hard punches and kicks in the second round.  taking the momentum from the previous round, cro cop pressed on barry and unleashed a flurry of strikes in the third round.  barry was visibly shaken when he went down on the canvass,  cro cop quickly followed and delivered a series of uncontested punched to the head.  after imposing his will on his opponent, cro cop slapped a quick rear naked choke and submitted barry with 30 second left on the clock.

i was only able to watch two fights last night but i enjoyed ufc 115 because the the two main events was able to put on a good show.  next on the list would be ufc 116 featuring the return of heavy weight king brock lesnar against shane carwin.  i think it’s going to be an interesting fight as lesnar and carwin have similarities in their game.  but  it’s interesting to note if ring rust and injury would be a factor in lesnar’s game.  three more weeks and we’ll see how it goes in the heavyweight division.  with two massive heavyweights clashing, we’ll see how they shake up their division.



2 responses to “franklin kos liddell

  1. i wast able to see the other cards. i was able to see the two main events though, and i enjoyed both. but i kinda like the come back finish of cro cop.

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