all set for game 7

the stage is finally set.  after six games of seesaw battle, we will finally see who will reign supreme in the nba finals.  boston’s aging big three are searching for the second ring,  possibly their last, while the kobe and lakers are trying to avenge their finals loss against the celtics two seasons ago.

it’s going to be an interesting game as we have to expect some adjustments in the line up and game play.  celtics big man kendrick perkins will be out of action in the final game after suffering a ligament tear in his knee.  andrew bynum is far from 100% as he’s been battling a knee injury of his own.  we just have to wait and see if pau gasol, lamar odom and bynum can exploit the opening left by perkin’s absence. it’s also interesting to see if ray allen and paul pierce will be able to deliver in the most important game of the season as they’ve been inconsistent the entire series.

for the lakers to win, the role players need to step up.  ron artest and lamar odom are the wild cards for the lakers.  artest and odom must step up big time especially in scoring because the celtics defense would surely try to shut down kobe’s offense.  on the defensive end, artest and derek fisher must do their best to stay in front of pierce and allen. they need to do everything they can just to throw allen and pierce out of rhythm.

on the other hand, for the celtics to win, they need to maximize all their efforts especially in offense.  the big three’s inconsistency in scoring often spelled problems in the series and in order for them to overcome that dilemma, one or two of their bench players must step up big time.  rajon rondo would likely produce his usual numbers, but for them to seal the deal, i think glen davis should take his game to the next level,  as well as nate robinson and rasheed wallace.  if those three players can put up good numbers in terms of offense, they’ll be giving the lakers more problems on the defensive end.

it’s gonna be an exciting finish as both teams will do anything  just to put this game away.  nobody wants to walk away as the loser in the series.  the aging big three will probably throw everything they got to get a second championship, but i think kobe’s motivation to win this title would be really really hard to overcome.  now let’s all enjoy the game tomorrow and see how everything goes.



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