brock unifies ufc heavyweight title

brock lesnar is back, and it looks like here’s to stay.

lesnar squared off against shane carwin last weekend in the highly anticipated heavyweight matchup and they did not disappoint.  it was all carwin in the first round when he knocked down lesnar and dropped heavy hands from the top.  brock was clearly rocked by the blows but kept his composure all throughout and survived the round on his feet in the clinch against the cage.  but the heavyweight champ turned the tables in the second round and utilized his wrestling skills as he took carwin down to the mat and maneuvered his way to an arm triangle that eventually choked carwin.

not finishing the fight in the first round might have been carwin’s biggest mistake in the match, but it’s not entirely his fault.  it’s a common knowledge that carwin has ko power in both hands and he was able to utilize his weapons pretty well, as we saw in the first round. it was pretty obvious that carwin gave it all in hopes of finishing the fight early, but brock’s chin proved to be tougher than we all thought.  brock might have been rocked early, but he was able to weather the storm and survive carwin’s best and strongest blows.  given that all of carwin’s previous fights ended in the first round, i think he had very little left in his tank when the second round started and brock was able to capitalize on that.  early in the round, brock took carwin down worked his way to side control and wrapped his massive arm around his opponent’s neck and arm and slowly tightened the lock.  unable to breathe and maneuver, carwin was forced to tap out at 2:19.



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