spain beats netherlands 1-0, claims first world cup

after losing to switzerland in the opening round, spain won every game that followed on their way to their first world cup title.  andres iniesta of spain scored the first goal in the second period and that was enough to finally put away netherlands.

from the get-go, neither team was willing to go easy and the energy and aggressiveness of the game was shown through various yellow cards especially in the first half.  there were a lot of bumps, stomps and tackling that showed the grittiness and competitiveness of both sides throughout the game.  towards the end of the second half, the scoreboard still read 0-0 and it was clear that it was only a matter of time before either one of them gets a goal.  there were a lot of attempts during the game but both keepers were up to the task of defending their line, especially spain’s iker casillas, who was eventually crowned as the tourney’s best keeper.

the first extra period still produced zero goals and the clock was already winding down late in the second extra period when spain’s iniesta scored a goal much to the delight of spanish fans.  with just about 4 minutes left in the game, the dutch scrambled to attempt to at least tie the game but spain won’t let them get close.  as the time expired, spanish players raised their hands in victory as they claimed their first world cup title.


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