brock loses ufc title

brock lesnar was his usual self when he tried to bully cain velasquez from the get go, but velasquez kept his composure as he traded punched with brock.  cain seemed to hurt brock more and in one exhange, brock actually wobbled and spun all over the cage and that spelled his fate that night.  as soon as cain realized that brock was hurt, he took the chance and smothered his opponents with strikes until the ref stepped in to stop the fight.

personally, i am a big brock fan, but i was not really that surprised to see cain’s hand raised after the fight.  i mean, i know brock is the bigger, faster and possibly stronger fighter, but i think cain’s overall fighting skill sets are better than brock’s.  they’re both superb wrestlers, but in terms, of technical striking, i’ll give cain the edge on that area.  and the lack of boxing/striking skills probably led to brock’s defeat in the end.

well, there’s still time for brock to work on his game.  brock haters out there are probably celebrating his defeat, but seeing lesnar, i don’t think he gives a sh*t about it.  he’ll be back in the gym, work on his game and come back stronger and climb his way back up the ladder.

i personally would’ve liked it more if brock retained his title, but then again, cain was the better man that night.


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