penn kos hughes; rampage wins via sd

it took bj penn only 21 seconds to win his trilogy fight with matt hughes.  penn was coming from from a rare back-to-back losses at the hands of current ufc lightweight champion frankie edgar and penn made sure that he used this opportunity to breath some life to his career.

just seconds into the fight, penn landed a right hook that brought hughes down.  he then followed up some more punches which prompted the ref to stop the fight.

personally, i was hoping for more action in the fight.  i hoping to see a lot of exchanges, takedowns and body slams but all it took was 21 seconds.  i wouldn’t say it was a boring fight, but i definitely would’ve wanted to see more.

the machida-jackson fight went the distance where rampage won via split decision.  it was a very close fight indeed wherein rampage hounded machida for the first two rounds.  things got interesting in the third round when machida clipped rampage and had him backpedalling.  jackson responded with his own flurry before the fight went to the ground.  it seemed that machida had the upper hand on the ground as he attempted to grab his opponent’s arm.  jackson grabbed machida, stood up and tried to slam his opponent down, but machida quickly broke free.  few more exchanges then the time expires.

when the fight result was announced rampage seemed surprised as he thought he was “whipped” by machida.  he then claimed that a rematch should soon follow.

this weekend’s UFC card was interesting enough for me, but i really cant wait for the koscheck-st pierre fight.  i really hope that it’s gonna be an exciting fight.



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