celtics beat lakers 109-96

It was just any other regular season game, but for the Boston Celtics, who lost Game 7 of last year’s finals at Staples Center, their game with the LA Lakers was a must win.  It is imperative that they win because it’s a validation of their game,of their heart and soul, that they will not back down, especially against their fiercest rival.

Boston’s Big Three combined for 71 points as Paul Pierce scored 21, while Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett scored 21 and 18 respectively.  Garnett also added 13 rebounds as he played with a large bandage on his left temple.  Pau Gasol and Garnett battled for the ball in the 2nd period and Gasol inadvertently elbowed him on the head.

Lakers star Kobe Bryant logged 41 points on a 16-29 night.  Kobe was a one-man wrecking crew as his teammates failed to give him added support especially in scoring.  Only 3 other Lakers scored in double-digit and none of them exceeded 15 points.  Lamar Odom chipped in 15 points while Gasol had 12 and Andrew Bynum had 11.

It was an awful night for the Lakers as they were basically outclassed the entire game.  Aside from not sharing the scoring load, the Lakers were also lost the rebound battle, 43-30.  They weren’t sharing the ball as well as they managed only 10 assists against the 34 of Celtics.

It  may be a bad night for the LA Lakers, but as Phil Jackson mentioned, it’s just a regular game.  It’s still far from the Playoffs so they still have time to regroup and rethink.  As a veteran coach, Jackson hasn’t pressed the panic button yet.  But in my honest opinion, they better start figuring things out for their sake.  It’s still far from the Playoffs, but what you do in the regular season, that’s what catapults you to the playoffs.  Sure,it’s not yet time to hit the panic button, but I expect to see at least some urgency within LA.



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