Silva Retains UFC MW Title

It took about 2 minutes for Anderson Silva to defend his MW title against fellow Brazilian, Vitor Belfort.  With just about 3 clean strikes, the ref stepped in and promptly stopped the fight.

At the start of the round, it seemed that both fighters were sizing up each other, then out of nowhere, Silva threw a straight kick that landed squarely on the challenger’s chin.  Belfort staggered to his feet before falling to the mat.  Silva then dropped two clean shots to the face as the ref stepped in to stop the fight.

I was actually rooting for Belfort to win the fight knowing his aggressive style.  Some might think it’s a lucky kick by Silva, but things like that happen in the sport.  It may be a lucky hit, but it sure was a hard kick.  Had Belfort not been hit by that, things could’ve been different, but of course no one can really tell. I don’t really like Silva as a fighter, but kudos to him for successfully defending his title for the 8th time in the UFC.  Belfort will surely be back, though I’m not sure how far he is right now from the championship path.

On the other main card, Forrest Griffin grinded out a UD win against Rich Franklin in the LHW division.  It was Griffin’s first fight in over a year now and he was a bit out of sync during the fight.  I believe that Rounds 1 and 2 were clearly in favor of Griffin but the 3rd round was a bit close.  As a fan, I actually doubt it that Griffin would be in the championship mix anytime soon, but I’m just glad that he’s back and ready to fight again.  It may take quite some time, and he may never even get back to the title picture, but personally, I always enjoy Forrest Griffin fights.




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