munoz kos dollaway

mark munoz made a quick work of cb dollaway this week when he knocked out his opponent in the first round.  both munoz and dollaway are good wrestlers, but during the fight, they decided to stand toe-to-toe.  munoz made sure that the fight wouldn’t last long by landing a heavy straight.  he then topped it off with two hammerfists before the ref stopped the fight.

it’s a big win for munoz as he moves up the ranking in the middleweight division.  he may not fight anderson silva for the title anytime soon, but if he keeps on performing and winning like this, he may have better chances of getting a fight with silva.  personally, i think munoz needs 1 or 2 more fights before he challenges the champ.

as a filipino, i want munoz to keep up his good performance in the octagon.  brandon vera was already cut by the ufc due to his string of bad outings.  i don’t want to see another filipino fighter get cut from the promotion.   and there are talks in the ufc that they might bring the tuf franchise here in the philippines and i am so excited for it.  if the ufc will indeed bring the tuf here, i expect munoz to step up his game.  he’ll surely be the top candidate as a coach for that series.  i really hope that ufc will bring the tuf here because as an mma fan, i know that ufc will be a huge success  here in the philippines.  and if it’s not too much to ask for, aside from tuf, i hope promotes a major event here in the near future.

kudos to mark munoz for winning his last fight and for future success.



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